AIPCMA organizes thanksgiving protest at Jantar Mantar on issuance of new rules by NMC and Health Ministry

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New Delhi. Addressing a press conference organized by AIPCMA (All India Pre and Para Clinical Medicos Association) at the Press Club of India in the national capital Delhi, AIPCMA President Dr. Abhinav Purohit said that the degrees of other professional institutes like – LLB, B tech, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Like veterinary, even nursing and pharmacy institutions, the rules requiring a recognized and registered degree (MBBS) to become a teacher in a medical college should also be strictly enforced. At the same time, AIPCMA Vice President Dr CM Kamal said that through this press conference, our aim is to throw light on the rules for determining the qualification of medical teachers and demand to completely stop the recruitment of non-medical teachers. The shortfall in availability cannot be made up by compromising on quality. AIPCMA expresses its gratitude to NMC for reducing the relaxation percentage in recruitment of non-medical teachers and considers this as an effort in a positive direction.

Along with this, a thanksgiving demonstration was also organized by AIPCMA (All India Pre and Para Clinical Medicos Association) at Jantar Mantar in Delhi for issuing new rules by NMC and Health Ministry. More than 100 doctors from 16 states and 4 union territories across the country participated in this thanksgiving demonstration. In this, gratitude was expressed for the release of UGMSR (Undergraduate Minimum Standard Requirement) 2023 and CBME (competency based medical education) Regulations 2023.

Along with this, AIPCMA also demanded that in the coming time, the provision of 15% relaxation in the appointment of non-medical candidates in three subjects in these rules should also be abolished. Because only doctors should be teachers for medical training in medical colleges. The new CBME course issued by NMC in which clinical study starts from the day of admission in the college, only doctors can teach that course.

It may be noted that the Government of India established a new body, the National Medical Commission (NMC). The NMC then formulated a new course curriculum for MBBS, namely Competency-Based Medical Education (CBME), addressing the provision of non-MBBS teachers, also known as Non-Medical teachers. Keeping in view the availability of medical teachers in India and for the sake of implementing the new course curriculum CBME, the NMC reduced the number of non-medical teachers in medical colleges to 15% in anatomy, physiology, biochemistry  eliminated them entirely in microbiology and pharmacology.

During this, Dr. Vinod Chhipa, an active member of the organization, said that the significant disparity between medical teachers and non-medical teachers is indeed detrimental to medical education in India. One notable distinction is that Non-MBBS teachers have never visited, interacted with, or examined patients, whereas medical students begin learning clinical examination skills from day one. Furthermore, guidelines in every professional institution do not permit individuals without recognized professional degrees and professional registration. This raises concerns regarding professional accountability and responsibility in professional education.

If there is a question about jobs for non-MBBS teachers, it is clear that they can find employment in other organizations where a BSc, MSc, or PhD is required. There are plenty of job opportunities for them, just like other BSc, MSc and PhD holders.

During this occasion, AIPCMA President Dr Abhinav Purohit along with Vice President Dr CM Kamal, Secretary Dr Anoop Singh Gurjar, Joint secretary Dr. Parul Chaturvedi, & Dr Jamil mohmmad, Dr Rajneesh Kanojia, Dr Vinod Chhipa, Dr. Shakeel, Dr. Kapil Shrivastav, Dr. Rajendra Triloki, Dr. Bharat Pareek, Dr. Kapil Hajarika, Dr. Suresh Meena, Mrinmoi Chatterjee and hundreds of medical teachers from across the country were present.

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