As The Song Sapne Jo Dekhe They Crossed 1 Million Mark, The Grand Success Party Was Held In Mumbai

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During the melodious era of 90s, popular composer Anand-Milind, the singer with golden voice Alka Yagnik and the busiest lyricist of his times  Sameer were a force to reckon with. Their songs are sung and remembered even today. Recently, when the team got back together for Sapne Jo Dekhe They, the result was astounding!

People are mesmerized with the song Sapne Jo Dekhe They which has been written by Sameer, composed by Anand-Milind and sung by Alka Yagnik and Makarand Patankar. The music video has recently crossed 1 million views. To celebrate the success of the song, the whole team got together and held a grand success party at Andheri’s Country Club in Mumbai and expressed their gratitude for song’s success.

During the grand  success party of Sapne Jo Dekhe They, one of the most loved singers Alka Yagnik said, “While singing this song, I got the vibes of 90s setting and I was nostalgic throughout the recording. Singing this song was thorougly an enjoyable affair and it felt like a picnic while jamming with Anand-Milind and Sameer. The way people are loving the song, I am feeling blessed again.”

Known to write innumerable chartbusters in his 4 decade long career, lyricist Sameer said, “When Neeraj Shridhar from Octave Music approached me for the song, I grabbed the opportunity with both the  hands. When Anand-Milind, Alka Yagnik and I work together, it is too much of fun and the result is here for everyone to see. I am so glad they people have appreciated my lyrics and everyone is loving our collaborative efforts.”

Lyricist Sameer seemed  very impressed with Makrand Patankar singing style. Praising him Sameer said, “I heard so much about Makrand’s live stage performances. But I was stunned to hear his voice in Sapne Jo Dekhe They. He has sung it in a truly amazing style. The way he has voiced every word and every sentence in this song has really  surprised me. You can really sense how much he has enjoyed while singing it and when you enjoy what you do, the results are amazing. The credit for the success of the song goes to everyone associated with it and I want to congratulate everyone for it.”

It is intereating to know that Kishore Kumar has deeply impacted singer Makrand Patankar’s voice. Talking about the experience of singing Sapne Jo Dekhe They, Makrand Patankar said, “When I sing on stage, you can clearly notice that how I sound like Kishore Kumar who have been my singing idol. But while singing for Sapne Jo Dekhe They, I have tried to sing it in my own original voice. I always dreamt of singing a duet with Alka Yagnik. For me singing a song for legendary Anand-Milind written by Sameer has been a wonderful experience and I am blessed to get this opportunity.”

Neeraj Shridhar, Head of Octave Music was ecstatic on the success of the song. He said, “Since 90s I have been huge fan of Anand-Milind’s melodious music, Alka Yagnik’s velvet voice and Sameer ji’s magical lyrics. I always wanted to bring the magic of the 90s and hence thought of bringing them together one more time. That was the time when melodious songs ruled the charts and Sapne Jo Dekhe They is one such song which will take you back to the 9Os and make you feel nostalgic. I am really glad that I got the opportunity to work with such legendary people who created magic in the form of Sapne Jo Dekhe They. Thanks for showering all the love and appreciating the song so much.”

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