How to wear dress shirts more casually?

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The idea of wearing a dress shirt more casually might seem weird to some, but it’s not as strange as you might think! In this blog post I break down the differences between how you wear your dress shirt now and how someone who works at a casual office or for a casual startup would.

Types of Casual Dress Shirts

The dress shirt has changed quite a lot over the years, with different forms of dress shirts like the V-neck being popularized in recent times. The general rule is that when deciding on what type of casual dress shirt to buy, one should consider what their wardrobe’s general aesthetic looks like and whether or not they can afford to invest in more than one type of dress shirt.

How to Pair Colours for Your Shirt

Matching colours for your shirt can be a bit tricky. That’s why I’ve compiled this guide to pairing colours for your dress shirt. There are five different categories, which include oxford shirts, white shirts, blue and pink shirts, polos and button-up shirts. When it comes to wearing a dress shirt, you can wear it with almost anything and still look nice. But one question keeps popping up when wearing a dress shirt – how do I pair colors for my shirt? This article will explain what colors work best together and share some tips on how to wear your dress shirts more casually.

What to Wear With Which Colour

To create a great casual look, all you need is a white dress shirt and some black denim. Pair this with anything from jeans to sweats to a blazer. Dress shirts are often worn with black shoes. Black is a neutral colour that can pair well with any other colours. If you want to wear a different colour, it’s important to know how the colors will look together. For example, if you need a pop of green in an outfit, avoid wearing a light shade of green because the light shade will make the dark shirt look more drab and dull.

Alternatives To The Casual Dress Shirt

A classic and often overlooked piece of clothing is the dress shirt. It has been designed for maximum style potential and comfort, but it can be difficult to wear outside of the office due to its strict dress code requirements.


Get a bulk order of dress shirts and then wear them casually. Even if you don’t buy new clothes all the time, it’s worth it to invest in a couple of good dress shirts so that you can mix and match your outfit as needed.

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