JAIN International Residential School (JIRS) triumph with their Summer camp, Webinars and Open House Initiatives

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Bengaluru, April 23, 2024: JAIN International Residential School (JIRS), a truly international standard boarding school in Bengaluru triumphed with an overwhelming response for their Summer Camp, Open Houses and Apex Webinars in 2024. JIRS focuses on being the top spot in residential schooling field by focusing on the co-curricular activities that sum up in the growth of student’s personalities and teamwork strategies. JIRS believes in giving real-time experience to students and parents by giving a tour of the camps.


JAIN International Residential School (JIRS), a pioneer in holistic education, announced its exhilarating Summer Camp 2024, offering a diverse array of activities and sports at the esteemed J Sports Camp. This year’s program promises an immersive experience, catering to the multifaceted interests of young learners. 


Set amidst the lush campus of JIRS, the Summer Camp 2024 is a haven for budding talents seeking adventure, creativity, and skill enhancement. From Swimming, Equestrian, Billiards, Bowling, Basketball, Golf, and more, the participants will have the opportunity to explore their passions and uncover new interests under expert guidance.


Adding flavor to the mix, the camp will also feature the much-awaited J Star Chef culinary classes, led by master chefs, where the participants will delve into the art of preparing delicious and nutritious meals, learning valuable culinary skills that will last a lifetime. For the creatively inclined, J Art studio beckons, offering a plethora of activities including Pottery, Tanjore painting, and more, fostering imagination and artistic expression. While the J Stage awaits enthusiasts of performing arts, like Acting, Public Speaking, Music, Dance, Theatre, and beyond, the Adventure sports and Experiential learning sessions promise fun and excitement to all the learners.  


In conjunction with the Summer Camp, JIRS invited all prospective parents and students to informative and interactive online Webinars and Open House experiences on April 14 and 20,2024. 

Divided into two sessions tailored to different grade levels, the webinar aimed to provide comprehensive insights into the school’s ethos, curriculum, and facilities. Attendees of the online Webinar and Open Houses had the opportunity to embark on a virtual and in person tours of the JIRS campus, gaining firsthand knowledge of the school’s infrastructure and facilities. Additionally, interactive sessions with faculty members and curriculum heads the school authorities addressed queries regarding the curriculum, admission process, and more, fostering clarity and transparency.


With a legacy of 25 years, the school currently accommodates more than 700 students and over 200 staff. Offering co-educational schooling from Grades 5 to 12 and three internationally recognized curricula (IBDP, CBSE & Cambridge International), JIRS not only contributes to the growth and development of students but also shapes them into icons of tomorrow.     

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