JUZZ-IT Education is Enabling India’s engineering graduates to be industry ready!

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JUZZ-IT collaborating with industry experts to provide students with practical industry-relevant experience and create a new standard for engineering education.

As Per the Research “India contributes 15L Engineering graduates every year. But India ranks lowest on the engineering quality data, the quality of engineers who graduate, and their employability has always been a problem, especially over the last few decades, which is collaborating with industry experts to provide students with practical industry relevant experience and create a new standard for engineering education.

The demand for highly skilled engineers is witnessing a sharp increase as global companies – large and small – become increasingly dependent on technological advancements. However, there is a growing disconnect between the traditional engineering curriculum and the skills required by the industry, signaling the significant gap between the skills the industry expects versus that possessed by the engineering graduates.

The traditional approach to engineering education in India does not align with the needs of the industry. Note that most engineering curriculums focus on theoretical knowledge and neglect practical skills. “You learn a lot of things in terms of theory, but when it comes to actually applying it in a real-world scenario, that’s where people start to falter.

JUZZ-IT focuses on addressing the challenge of employable engineering talent within the country by providing a platform that offers practical, mentor-led, project-based training to engineering students. We offer a range of online & offline courses and training programs on several advance engineering topics with Certification. These programs are designed to help equip students with the practical skills and industry-specific knowledge required to excel in the engineering industry.


“What we do is we enroll students and we train them around eight months. They spend 500 to 600 hours on these tools and work on at least 35+ projects during this time period and build a portfolio that they can showcase to that potential recruiter and get recruited. At the end of the day, for a student to become a very good engineer he needs to work on projects, and that’s what we focus on. We help them work on industry-relevant projects that will enable them to become a better engineer”.

JUZZ-IT offers industry-relevant courses developed in collaboration with industry experts and software companies.

“The feedback that we get from our industry partners is that our students are very well prepared, and they’re able to hit the ground running. JUZZ-IT also boasts a high placement rate of 96% and offers career guidance services to prepare students for job interviews.

For more information visit: https://juzzit.in/


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