Learning Styles: How Do Children Learn?

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If you are a parent, there are many things to learn about when it comes to your child. They use their senses and they have different needs than adults. This means that learning is going to be different for every child and that’s ok. In this article, I’m going to share some tidbits of information on the subject of children learning styles, specifically how they learn best with visual, auditory, or kinesthetic techniques.

Types of Learning

Different people learn in different ways because we have different learning styles. Some people learn by listening, others prefer to see or do. When you introduce a new concept to your child, you should consider their type of learning and what will be best for them.

How Do Children Learn Best?

Children learn in different ways. Some children learn best by listening, others by being read to and still others need to see a person or an object. These different learning styles are the basis for how we structure educational environments.

Different Types of Learning

There are significantly different styles of learning, and each style is used by a different group. They include auditory, kinesthetic, logical-verbal, and visual learners. There are many different ways in which children can learn. It is important for teachers and parents to understand the child’s learning style before teaching them any specific subject. Some students may need extra support with learning certain subjects, such as reading or math. There are also many differences in how children learn with age. Younger children usually have a more passive style of learning, which means they absorb new information without questioning it. Older students often engage more with the process of understanding and reasoning, making them better learners in general.

Factors that Affect Learning Styles

Children have a variety of learning styles. Some people are visual learners, some auditory learners, and some people can learn best when they work on their own. One factor that affects the learning styles of children is the length of time they spend in an educational setting. Learning styles are a personal trait that can be described in two ways, the most general of which is based on how a person learns. A person is either primarily auditory, visual or kinesthetic. This learning style affects how they learn, what they learn and how long it takes them to process information. It’s important to recognize this as children develop into adults as they may need different teaching methods than those used when they were younger.


We are all different in our learning styles. Some people learn better visually, while others prefer listening or reading. You should read your child’s classroom guidelines to see how they expect you to help them learn and what learning styles they are using.

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