Reasons Cell Phones Should Be Allowed In Schools

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There are many reasons why some communities do not want to allow students and staff to bring their cell phones into the building. One of these is that if students are able to use their phones during school hours, they would become distracted from learning. However, there are also many benefits that come with allowing phones in the school environment, such as raising class participation rates and building a better relationship between teachers and students.

What Are Cell Phones?

Cell phones are powerful devices that have the potential to do a lot of good in the world. They can help people find their way, keep in touch with family and friends, and even provide important information during emergencies. The study done by the National Safety Council found that cell phones are not any more dangerous than other everyday objects like keys or wallets, which is why they should be allowed in schools.

Why Should Cell Phones Be Allowed In Schools?

Cell phones are a big part of modern life, and they’re pretty much a necessity today. We use them to text our friends and family, call for rides and emergencies, study for school tests, and even help maintain our social lives. However, there are some important downsides to their habitability in schools. Cell phones can cause distractions during class, which disrupts learning by making it difficult for students to focus on their work or participate in activities outside of the classroom. In addition, cell phones are another valuable tool that students use outside of school hours- so if they’re not allowed at school, then students have to find other ways of staying connected with their friends and family.

Reasons For Banning Cell Phone Use In Schools

Cell phones are dangerous to children, as they can interfere with their brain development and cause sleep deprivation. Cell phones also distract students during class time and can have a negative impact on school performance. Students need to be able to focus on learning without having disruptions in class or a constant buzz of text messages that take their focus away from the lesson at hand.

The Beginning Of A New Era for Education

A cell phone is not just a device to use in class, it’s an essential tool that students need to excel. Cell phones help students stay connected and keep up-to-date, especially in cases of emergencies. With the increasing number of students carrying cell phones in school, the distraction level has lowered which allows students to learn more effectively.


Cell phones are a distraction and interrupt learning time. Studies have shown that students who use cell phones during class time perform worse in school than others because they’re distracted by the device rather than focusing on their work or even what’s being discussed by the teacher. Cell phone usage has also been correlated with drug use, higher dropout rates, lower grades, and more health problems like obesity.

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