Tarika Ram’s Avant-Garde Creations Blend Artistry and Learning

  • 11 months ago
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Deeply connected with the Tamil culture, an artistic prodigy, who has forged a path of creative brilliance through avant-garde art experiments undertook a project centered around the revered Tirukkural. 16-year-old, Tarika Ram has skilfully conveyed its core into entrancing visual masterpieces, prolonging her expedition across numerous Kurals. Each creation mirrors her profound emotional connection with these age-old verses.

Collaborating with her mother and teacher, Ms. Diana Sathish, Tarika has infused chosen couplets with visual life through meticulous drafting. Her abstract expressionism brings personal connections to each Kural.

The world has embraced Tarika’s creativity with her painting “Two Views of Monsoon on Marine Drive” at Taj Mahal Palace received great acclaim. Her solo exhibition “Tirukkuralin Arivurai” in January 2023 at Cholamandalam Artists’ Village solidified her position.

Subsequent exhibitions, like the one at Dakshinachitra in July 2023, highlight her prominence. Her artworks found homes in private collections. In August 2023, her paintings graced SK’s The Lines & Curves gallery in Chennai.

Additionally, her upcoming Alliance Française exhibition promises a transformative experience. Tarika’s paintings blend awe-inspiring visuals with spiritual depth, reflecting her commitment to pushing artistic boundaries.

During Navaratri, Tarika annually embarks on an artistic odyssey by crafting intricate Kolu art installations. These creations showcase her artistic prowess while symbolizing her ongoing educational journey. Her inaugural project, a captivating mini-installation depicting the five seasons, garnered attention from both locals and schools, fusing creativity with education. Tarika’s works offer both visual splendor and learning, inspiring young minds.

Tarika finds inspiration from diverse sources, including nature’s symphony, literature, science, and cultural nuances. Abstract masters like Jackson Pollock and Kandinsky fueled her exploration of color and technique. Guided by her teacher, Ms. Diana Shatish, her growth thrives.

Homeschooled since the age of 10, her artistic evolution is a tale of boundless passion and innovation. Moreover, her installations span varied themes, from the Amazon rainforest to Japanese culture, displaying meticulous research and relevant artistry. She captures even the intricate human brain, depicting neural structures and functions.

To commission Tarika’s art, reach out to [email protected] or [email protected].

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