Vishwak is one of the best Telugu film on the problem of unemployment, must watch on Zee5

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Today there is a great concern among the youth about unemployment and the situation forced them to leave the country for jobs in foreign countries. Producer Thatikonda Anandam Bala Krishan has made a Telugu film “Vishwak” on this burning topic which has released on ZEE5 and is being watched a lot by the audience.
Vishwak, a graduate young man with innovative ideas, wants to start his own business and settle down in his home town. However, his father and investors advise him to shift abroad. What does that young man do in such a situation? This is what the film is all about.

The story of the film is such that Vishwak is a boy from a middle class family. His parents want to send him abroad to do better work. The boy does not want to go abroad because he has been taunted by his girlfriend and friends that he is going abroad due to financial constraints. But eventually he decides to go abroad due to pressure from his parents.
One day, at the farewell party, one of his friends, Raghu Motivates him that instead of working in other countries, it would be better to settle in India and start something in India with the same investment money. Vishwak Changes his opinion and wants to stay in India. Vishwak’s father is not accepted his desicion but he challenges his father that he will prove his work in India. He sets up a startup company and starts finding investors. Now what happens next, you will have to watch the film.

This awesome Telugu movie Vishwak is available on ZEE5. You can enjoy the full movie by clicking on the link given below.


Let us tell you that the Telugu film Vishvak, made under the banner of Golden Duck Productions, is directed by Venu Mulkala, DOP Pradeep Dev, Music composer Satya Sagar Polam, editor K Vishwanath. This film depicts many problems related to youth like unemployment, stress, struggle, depression etc. One of the best messages in this movie is how we can solve the problems of unemployment and migration.

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