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Shruti Sachdeva Certified Bars Facilitator, When it comes to spiritual healing, our thought process is spontaneously drawn towards India which has the most acclaimed spiritual healers working unstintingly for the betterment of mankind. On the top of the hierarchy is placed a lady whom her clients reverentially address as Shruti, a real healer with utmost devotion. Therefore, the fact can not be refuted that Shruti Sachdeva, over the years, has registered her towering and lofty presence in this realm as an eminent and renowned spiritual master who indubitably epitomizes the subtle idea and ideal of spiritual essence of Karma and deftly goads her clients to the path of self-realization and inner awakening.

Unmindful of her own misery and plight and deeply rooted in the ethos of inner healing as a true karm yogini, she lends people a much-needed helping hand to transcend the psychological issues and the traumatic burden of which the latter carry in the subterranean recesses of their bosoms as a result of cultural conditioning and a set of their past untoward experiences.

Born and brought up in a well-to-do family of fully cultured parents, when the other children of her age would remain occupied in little, frivolous, and playful activities, Shruti would dwell on the enigmatic mysteries of nature and juggle with the profound thoughts of understanding the cosmic conspiracy of that supreme creator. As she advanced in years, she noticed an intense advancement in her irresistible longing for experiencing the shrouded mysteries of life and existence.

At present, having a successful career in the field of her inborn passions, she has emerged as a seasoned Reiki Grandmaster, Access Consciousness Bars Facilitator and Body Process Practitioner, Spiritual healer, and Counselor who has Eleven years of experience to her credit in the field of Pranic Healing, Angel Therapy and Tarot Card Reading.

Human being – a marvelous and a powerful craftsman

Shruti is of the opinion that everyone is innately marvelous and a powerful craftsman of his own life. The divine creator has blessed all of us with a huge reservoir of latent abilities. If individual taps on this cascade of inner elixir, wonders can thereafter happen in life.

Endowed with an absolutely optimistic approach to life, she always beholds light not only at the other end of the tunnel but in every inch of that deep tunnel also in which most individuals find themselves tightly trapped groping for a flicker of flame. Her robust conviction which is fully cemented in every pore of her soul dawns upon her the significance of cosmic energies in life. Laying emphasis on these disembodied powers, she aptly articulates that we can alter our lives by working on our energy circle. And this transformation about which she convincingly speaks has happened with umpteen people who approach her with the view to bringing their lives back to normalcy after some emotional derailments.

Meticulously, she began interacting with angels and experienced miracles in her everyday life which further profusely assisted her to strengthen her connection with angels and archangels which now fully get reflected in her accurate Tarot card readings.

Healing and growth – an endless process

Healing and growth is an endless process that requires an ample amount of time and commitment and this is the reason that her clients share a close personal relationship with her, as she guides them at every step. Thus, she can be aptly designated a trusted mentor who is wholeheartedly dedicated to the cause and committed to spreading consciousness, love, and light.

It is worth mentioning that Shruti Sachdeva conducts various healing and meditation sessions on a regular basis. She also enthusiastically trains people in her workshops about the self-healing process through different healing modalities.

The gamut of people who approach her is very vast which includes folks grappling with traumas, Physical Health Issues, mental issues, crime victims (such as rape victims, child abuse,relationship issues, people suffering from varied fears and phobias, and so on). So far she has successfully healed many people who had been suffering silently long enough on account of these issues. Much to her delight, the journey is on.( Prof. Shiv Sethi is a noted columnist)

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